Step By Step 

Love INC brings churches in a community together across denominational lines. We inventory the collective resources, ministries and talents of the people in those congregations. Next, we match those resources with people in need. We then go on to train church members to walk alongside people in need through a network of relationships and supportive services that all work together to transform lives.

When the body of Christ works together the results can be miraculous!

Level One: The Clearinghouse Model is the foundation of all Love INC affiliates and includes the steps below:

Every Love INC affiliate is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, managed by an executive director and governed by a board of directors. There are three Relational Ministry levels to the Love INC Model, and each affiliate has the opportunity to minister to people in need on all three levels. Each level goes deeper in fulfilling Love INC's mission to mobilize the church to transform lives and communities In the Name of Christ. Level One: The Clearinghouse Model is the foundation of all Love INC affiliates and includes the steps below:

Step One: Request for Help

Individuals in need and others on behalf of those in need contact us here at our local office in Charlottesville. Also Social Service professionals, representing their clients, make referrals to the Love INC office. Needs include food, clothing, furniture, transportation, tutoring/mentoring, budgeting assistance, counseling and family help.

Step Two: Ministry Assessment

Love INC verifies the request and determines whether the need is one our network can handle. If not Love INC will seek help from area agencies that are qualified to meet the person's need. If the need can be met by a church partner volunteer, Love INC assesses the person's real need - physical, emotional and spiritual - and determines how our volunteers can help. Love INC seeks, not to duplicate resources already available, but Love INC's strategy helps assure the same need is not fulfilled multiple times.

Step Three: The Helping Church

Appropriate requests for assistance are referred to a trained Church Ministry Coordinator from a participating or networking church or faith-based organization. The Contact Person engages a willing volunteer, Sunday school class, home fellowship group or youth group, etc. to help the person or people in need.

Step Four: Follow Up

Love INC reviews the outcome by contacting the family or individual that was helped, the Church Ministry Coordinator and the person who made the referral. Was the immediate need met? Is there a core issue that requires longer-term attention? The follow-up also provides an opportunity for the recipient to become connected to a church if he or she so desires.

Level Two: Many Love INC affiliates have taken the model to Level Two, the Transformational Ministry Model. This level trains and links church members with individuals and families in need on a long-term basis to provide mentoring, goal setting, skill training, and spiritual and emotional support, along with the full array of services and resources available in the Love INC network.

Level Three: In Level Three, The Comprehensive Transformational Ministry Model, Love INCs go even further to meet the needs of their communities by addressing the deeper issues that contribute to poverty and hopelessness.

Every Community across the nation has churches and agencies with special ministries that try to meet the spiritual and physical needs of people.

When resources are not connected, many needs go unmet.

Love INC brings resources together so more needs can be met.

Love INC: Bridging the gap between willing hands and people in need

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