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Wednesday, August 28 2019

Elijah hears the still small voice…

When the Spirit of God comes to us, He may not give us glorious visions to shake us out of our lethargy.  He may

simply tell us to do ordinary things, things we might not immediately associate with Him.  The prophet Elijah in

his fear and depression was led from a successful ministry to a cave at Mount Horeb where God spoke to him,

not in the mighty wind, nor in the earthquake, nor in a fire, but in a whisper. “What are you doing here, Elijah?”

(Translation: “Get up off your pity pot and get busy.”)


Discouragement turns our eyes from God and His wondrous creation, turns us inward to the dark recesses of our

minds where no good thing dwells. But when God moves, He directs us to take natural, simple steps into events

where we would never have imagined He would be.  Suddenly He is there. We step out of our depression. But

we must step.  Elijah had to leave Samaria and go through the wilderness to Mt. Horeb before he could hear that

whisper of God’s voice.  If he had remained and tried to overcome his own obstacles he would not have heard

God’s voice.  But in following the Spirit of God, Elijah was reminded that he was not alone, that there were

7,000 other believers standing with him. God was there.


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