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Thursday, June 06 2019

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


We try to understand how things work in the world, how to navigate our course through life.

We are often hesitant, confused, or frozen in our actions in the world, afraid of making a mistake,

looking for His light to lead us.  But NEVER let a past failure defeat your next step.


God does have a plan for us.  Going on to the next step involves finding that plan and accepting

the mission God gives us. Discerning God’s guidance in our life, making right decisions and

following the correct path may look unattainable, but Jesus left us a roadmap.  “I am the Way,

and the Truth, and the Life; no one comes to the Father except through me.” John 14:6


As we stumble along, as we seek to keep to His path, we can trust Him absolutely because

He is our perfect redemption.  We trust in His peace that comes with prayer and surrender of

self to His Divine Will.


Go with God, ever and forever, and let Christ lead you. 


Evelyn Gorman, volunteer


The Board, Staff and Volunteers of Love, INC


(Evelyn is an office volunteer here at Love INC)

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