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Friday, November 01 2019

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

How should we plan for the future or make decisions about our life?  How should we choose the right car to purchase,

the best job offer (assuming there is more than one!), which grocery store to shop? 


Wonderful church going people have said, “God gave me a mind to figure out what to do in a given situation, about

which car to purchase, where to move, so I just figure things out.”  So we plunge into decision making without so

much as a thought about what God would have us do. We often reserve asking His guidance for spiritual matters

only. Yet not one of us has the first idea of unintended future consequences that may result from the decisions that we

make today.  Only God has that kind of knowledge! Only God knows the full end result of any of our actions.

Why not ask God to guide us as we travel through life?


Making our ‘own’ decisions closes us to the excitement of walking with our Lord moment by moment, living fully

in His presence. We miss out on God’s leading us to opportunities to serve Him in ways we never dreamed.  We miss

being called, like Phillip, to Gaza to minister to a government official and thereby bring the gospel to a whole nation

hungry for God’s word.


The Board and Staff of Love INC

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