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Tuesday, October 01 2019

Brothers and Sisters,


Do we feel worthy of God’s love? 


Possibly we feel just the opposite, deeply UN-worthy. But remember that feelings that we are less than everything that

God would have us be is not the same as true conviction for sin. Feelings of guilt are not the same as repentance.


No, those are merely feelings without real change.  In fact, nothing changes until we get specific with God about our

disobedience. Feelings of worthlessness are useful only if they lead to genuine conviction of sin. Sentiments of being a

bad person are not helpful on their own.  Our vague sense of shame needs to be transformed into a solid awareness of

specific areas of wrongdoing. As we read His word, we must meditate and ask Him to shine His light on all aspects

of our life.


When we can pinpoint real sins, turn away from those sins, and ask God’s forgiveness, authentic repentance begins.

The Board and Staff of Love INC

A thank you to Oswald Chambers for the uncomfortable inspiration!

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