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Friday, June 01 2018

Beloved Prayer Partners,

Summer is here. The work of warm weather has begun. The birds have finished their nests. The fledglings are making forays into the great outside world. The early spring flowers have passed and the garden peas picked. The tomatoes are small and green. The summer sky is brilliant blue and the sun is warm even in the morning.

As we look ahead early dawn choruses and long evenings of twilight, let us also look at how to make our prayer lives flourish.

Jesus, when His disciples asked Him how to pray, gave them the model prayer, which we call the "Lord's Prayer."

God is our Heavenly Father who loves us. His Name is Holy. We should pray for the coming of His Kingdom on earth and in our lives. We should pray for our needs. We must pray for forgiveness. We pray for His help to keep ourselves out of trouble.

How many of us pray about our decisions such as what to purchase or the location of a new job? Do we ever go to Him to plead that we may follow His path rather than our own way!

The Staff and Board of Love in the Name of Christ

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