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Saturday, December 01 2018

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


What will the future hold for us?  Many of us have a nagging anxiety about what the future

might bring.  The Jewish people also had anxiety about the future of their nation during that

first century AD.  Subject to an occupying government, without the ability to execute the law

as God had directed, the ruling party struggled to maintain some semblance of order.  Their

Deliverer had not come.  Or so they thought.


Yet, here’s the thing: The God who orchestrated the birth of the Savior had already set out the

plan throughout Scripture, had anyone been paying close attention. The answers were all there!


As we go through the Christmas season, let’s look at a few of the prophecies God set out and

how He fulfilled those prophecies.  Perhaps this will encourage us as we face uncertain times

in our future.  God really DOES have a plan and He will bring all things to fulfillment. Those

who walk with Him are included! We can praise and thank Him even though we cannot see

the particulars ahead.



The Board and Staff of Love INC.

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