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Saturday, August 01 2015

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The writer of Psalm 121 says that he had lifted his eyes up to the hills, a place of safety in those days, but where did his help come from? He goes on to say that his help came from the Lord, Who made those very hills and the earth and, indeed, the heavens.

When a person is looking for help today, where does one turn? Ah! To the internet? There is more information there than a million people could ever assimilate. Which information is true? To the government? The earthquake victims in Nepal complained that their government was doing so little to help them. Many of our country's poor find government assistance dwindling to below subsistence levels. To a church leader? TV preachers and even our local church leaders often do not stand up to scrutiny. To a medical professional? Many turn to them looking for answers to life's problems.

When in trouble, even God's people sometimes forget to look to the Lord of the universe for answers. We forget that God delights to show His power and wisdom and goodness by working for people who trust him. We forget that Jesus came not to be served but to serve us!

The Staff and Board of Love in the Name of Christ
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