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Monday, September 01 2014

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Where are your thoughts RIGHT NOW? What are you thinking about RIGHT NOW?

As I prepared for this study and was searching the scriptures, it occurred to me that where my mind was RIGHT NOW determined whether I was "remembering" God and His ways or "forgetting" God.

Where my thoughts are RIGHT NOW determine whether I am marching down the "broad road" (Mt. 7: 13-14), or as the writer of Ecclesiastes puts it "chasing after the wind," i.e. of daydreaming imagination, of building financial security by "building bigger barns, (Lk. 12: 16-21)" of altered emotions via various substances, of escape from boredom by entertainment and self-gratification, of the fantasy of pornography, or even by one's constant anxiety about the future or an endless attempt to remake the past by rehashing what could have been ?if only.'

The "narrow way" can seem hard at first, making a foundation of the continual practice of "remembering" our God RIGHT NOW, of making the choice to keep our minds tied to Him, to train our bodies and our minds to go in this unfamiliar and often seemingly bumpy path. We look for encouragement from the Word of God!

The staff and board of Love INC
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