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Tuesday, July 01 2014

Dear Partners in Prayer,

Am I going to the "right" church? Is my pastor a true leader in the faith? How would I know? Many Christians never ask these questions at all. They may drift along in the same church they have always attended, comfortable in its familiarity. There are others who are continually dissatisfied with churches they attend. They church shop continually, never finding a permanent home.

This month we will look at what the scriptures say about true godly leadership. As you go through the various passages, ask the Lord to guide you and give you discernment you may never have had before. Let's look together at God's appraisal of "good" leadership.

Learning about God's evaluations of leadership may also provide us with new ways to pray for pastors and church leaders and may even assist us in answering some of the above questions for ourselves.
Ps. 43: 3 "Send out your light and your truth;
let them lead me;
let them bring me to your holy hill
and to your dwelling!"

The staff and board of Love in the Name of Christ

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