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Sunday, June 01 2014

Dear Prayer Partners,

In this month we will examine the Scriptures for what God says is "true worship." In some of our churches, there is much controversy about the ways worship is practiced. Pew-sitters have been known to leave a church that does not perform worship in the way they are accustomed or for any one of a hundred other supposed reasons. Fault-finding runs rampant in many bodies of believers. Some find so much of interest in what others around them are doing that they rarely think about what the Recipient of their worship might prefer!

Dr. R. C. Sproul once said "One does not structure the church to meet the felt needs and desires of the tares. The purpose of corporate assembly, which has its roots in the Old Testament, is for the people of God to come together corporately to offer their sacrifices of praise and worship to God. So the first rule of worship is that it be designed for believers to worship God in a way that pleases God."

This month we will look at what kind of worship pleases God. A person who worships God God's way will probably find each opportunity to worship to be a great blessing.

The staff and board of Love in the Name of Christ
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