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Saturday, February 01 2014

Dear Partners in Prayers,

Seasons of Grief, Sorrow.
Both Job and Jeremiah were stricken with inconsolable grief. Job lost everything but a nagging wife and friends who had advice but no listening. He lost all his possessions and his precious children. Like other bereaved parents he could only look to God in despair "Why did my child have to die?" Jeremiah lost something equally precious, his beloved country, because no one would listen to God's Word which that prophet faithfully declared to the people. "Where was God when the marauders came?" My friend who had the accident (see Jan. 2014) watched his hope of healing slowly die as the years wore on. Why did God not heal? A godly minister cries out "I thought I had it right, God! What happened?" How can we face seasons of grief? The scripture has much about these feelings.

The Staff and Board of Love in the Name of Christ

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