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Sunday, September 01 2013

Dear Prayer Partners,

This wonderful quotation from Charles Spurgeon was shared by Chi Beloved to encourage others going through trials and persecution in her country torn by sectarian violence.

“Dark caverns keep not back the miners, if they know that diamonds are to be found there: you need not fear suffering when you remember what riches it yields to your soul.

“There is no hearing the nightingale without night, and there are some promises which only sing to us in trouble.

“It is in the cellar of affliction that the good old wine of the kingdom is stored. You shall never see Christ’s face so well as when all others turn their backs upon you.

“When you have come into such confusion that human wisdom is at a nonplus, then shall you see God’s wisdom manifest and clear.

“Oh! The love-visits which Christ pays to his people when they are in the prison of their trouble! Then he lays bare his very heart to them, and comforts them as a mother does her child.

“They sleep daintily who have Jesus to make their beds. Suffering saints are generally the most flourishing saints, and well they may be, for they are Jesus’ special care.”

**Charles Spurgeon**

As we pray for the church undergoing persecution, let us prepare to stand against persecution in our own country.

The staff and Board of Love in the Name of Christ

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