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Tuesday, October 01 2013

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
"The word of the Lord came to me:" (see Ezek. 22)

God gave Ezekiel a truly thankless task. As a Jewish exile carried off to live in the Babylon, he was to preach against his own nation and tell them that their sins (and God was pretty specific about those shortcomings) that had led to their downfall as a nation. God informed His people that they had forgotten Him, that the religious leaders were not teaching the people to honor Him, His law, His Sabbath, nor were they teaching the people that there was any difference between holy living and unclean living. Those in power had made "laws" to legalize the graft and victimization of the poor and the (illegal) aliens in order to line their own pockets. God was looking for someone who would "build up the wall" and stand in the gap on behalf of the Jewish nation. God declared that He had found no one.

What is "standing in the gap?" Francis Frangipane, who seems to have taken on a prophet role, wrote recently: "You do not need great discernment to find fault with the church. If you recall, you could find fault with the church even before you were saved. But if you want to be like Christ, you must learn to be an intercessor, one who "stands in the gap" (Ezek 22:30). What is the gap? It's the distance between the way things are and the way things could be if God answered your prayers. You stand in that space between realities and pray for mercy for the area of need! Can you "stand in the gap," my brothers and sisters?

The Staff and Board of Love in the Name of Christ
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