Inside this issue:
   Lives Changed... Because of You!
   Thank You, Dela!
   Love INC Needs You!
   Making His Love Known
   Love INC is Churches Working Together
   Letter from the Executive Director

Inside this issue:
   We Had This Truck...
   Churches Feel the Strain
   A Car, A Deer and God's Provision
   She Helped Me for 13 Years!
   The Lion's Club Farewell
   Letter from the Executive Director

Inside this issue:
   Transforming Lives One Car at a Time
   Devoted LINC Editor Takes Well Deserved Retirement
   Samanatha's Car
   Letter from the Executive Director

Inside this issue:
   A Thankful Heart!
   Transformational Ministry
   A Surprise Ending!
   Annie Dodd's ? All Blessings Flow Ministry
   She Slipped Away Unnoticed
   My Summer at Love INC

Inside this issue:
   Love INC's New Initiative in Transformational Ministry
   Redemptive Compassion
   Fundraising Dinner Photos
   Affirming Your Potential
   What makes Love INC different?
   Would You Consider Transformational Service?
   Update on the Love INC Fundraising Dinner
   Susan's First Love INC Home Visit

Inside this issue:
   More Than Just Community Service
   The Perseverance of the Saint
   Cybercrime and a Merry Christmas?
   2016 Overview Annual Report
   A Thank You to Pat
   God Provides!
   A "Hands On" Opportunity

Inside this issue:
   Making a Difference
   They Have the Same Name
   Message from the Board Chair
   Would You Prayerfully Consider
   Love INC's Newest Ministry
   Thank you Lions!
   The Presence of the Lord

Inside this issue:
   He Went Back With a Bible
   A Ministry of Diapers? Sure!
   Another Brand New "Mommies Ministry"
   A Wise Pastors' Advice
   A Message From the Board Chair
   Here's How Love INC Works Best

Inside this issue:
   Sometimes It's the Donors Who Are in Need
   His Name is Charlie
   It Takes a Congregation
   The Right People at the Right Time
   A Journey of Faith

Inside this issue:
   Humble Hands Help the Needy
   The Red Boots
   Patience Helps Us Walk the Extra Mile!
   Kindness Begets Kindness ? Others Gave Loving Help
   Looking at Furniture Delivery as a Ministry
   Motivated to Serve
   Have You Considered the Scars of Trauma?

Inside this issue:
   God Sent the Church to Her
   Broken Bones and Mending Hearts
   All Blessings Flow
   God Sees the Finished Picture
   Thanksgiving Stories
   What's the Financial Picture?

Inside this issue:
   In The Footsteps of the Carpenter
   An Amazing Transformation!
   What a Surprise!
   Why Churches and Agencies Need Love In The Name of Christ
   Caring Together

Inside this issue:
   A Look Back at 2014
   Following the Spirit's Leading
   The Rest of the Story ? With a Beautiful Ending!
   Giving Back
   A Little Worried About Helping a Stranger
   Donate Your Vehicle For a Good Cause

Inside this issue:
   Maybe God Does Love Me After All...
   Two Major Moves in One Weekend!
   All She Wanted Was a Christmas Tree
   The Medical Students'Hands-on Project
   So, What's the Difference?
   Student Christian Fellowship Tackles a Move

Inside this issue:
   It Takes a Village ...
   Two Amazing Students!
   Even a Cup of Cold Water ? Mt 10:42
   They Really Care About Us!
   Did You Miss the Murder at Rasmussen Manor?

Inside this issue:
   Casting Bread Upon the Waters!
   The Family - Dog and All - Lived in a Van
   Expanding the Ministry - Meeting More Needs
   Meeting a Need or Ministering to the Whole Person?
   Solve the Mystery and Benefit Love INC

Inside this issue:
   Who Will Take the Call?
   A Grain of Mustard Seed
   A Word of Warning ? The Case of Gentleman A
   Right Around the Corner
   Clients Come in All Kinds of Varieties
   Love INC Helps an Alaskan Family

Inside this issue:
   A Christmas Story Worth Telling!
   Her Church — and Others — Rallied Around Her
   Who Will Minister to Our Donors?
   An Excursion Into the Country!
   Our Report to You on Our Stewardship

Inside this issue:
   See What Happens When You Pray!
   A New Trail Into God's Creation
   A Blessing in Disguise ? Tina's Story
   What is Gap Ministry?
   How Can You Respond?

Inside this issue:
   God's Amazing Connections
   The Two Indomitable Riders
   Appreciated Painters!
   Cramped Compassion
   Helping You Understand Love INC ? Part 1
   Helping You Understand Love INC ? Part 2
   May I Ask You a Question?

Inside this issue:
   I Was Happy to Help... Even for a Short While
   A "God Match" Brings New Hope and Joy!
   Changing Lives ? Why We Need Mentors
   It Turned Out to be a Great Friendship!
   The Stranger, the Widow and the Orphans Among Us
   A Scriptural Guide to Help You Know How to Respond

Inside this issue:
   A Special Christmas for Callie
   Sara Volunteers Every Holiday!
   Available to Serve on Short Notice
   Help From the Past — Bearing Fruit Today
   "Miss E. Is My Best Friend"
   It Gave Me the Courage to Change
   The Past Decade of Ministry — Statistically

Inside this issue:
   Tutoring For Years ? The Rest of the Story
   A "Lost Sheep" Finds Her Way Back Home
   A Sweet Presence and Wonderful Helping Hands
   A Single Dad
   How Do You Fit In?

Inside this issue:
   A Bird With a Broken Wing
   The Fruit of Suzanne's Donation
   Plane Crash Reality
   "Beautiful People"
   The Shed ? What a Transformation!
   Tutoring for Years!
   Love INC Benefit Concert

Inside this issue:
   Love IN Concert
   Worried About Their Lights
   Toddler Donation
   Love INC in the Valley!
   Very Ill
   A Grateful Son
   School Supply Drive
   National Support Team

Inside this issue:
   A Lesson in Thankfulness
   A Typical Day For Susan
   Love IN Concert
   Where Are They Now?

Inside this issue:
   "A Little Bit of Heaven" Ministry
   Judy's Bathroom
   Sacrificial Service!
   God Still Does Miracles!
   Love Has No Language Barriers
   A Summer Gem!
   Ms. Snowball
   A Note of Thanks!

Inside this issue:
   What is Love INC all about?
   And the Winner Is!
   Your Love INC is Alive and Well, But ...
   Holiday Meals and More
   All the Players Were in Need

Inside this issue:
   On the Spirit of Giving
   "Walking the second Mile"
   The Repairer of Broken Lives
   Musing with the Clearinghouse Coordinator
   Love IN Concert - Churches Serving "In Concert"

Inside this issue:
   What is Love INC All About?
   And the Winner Is!
   Your Love INC is Alive and Well, But...
   Holiday Meals and More
   All the Players Were in Need

Inside this issue:
   Prayer on the Mall
   "You Don't Have to Tell Them Nothing"
   "He Did Not Consider Divine Intervention"
   This is CHRISTmas!
   Where Do You Fit In?

LINC Fall 2010

Inside this issue:
   Just Thank Jesus!
   Loads of Love
   New Life in Those "New" Easter Clothes
   Jacob Michael Williams
   Saints United in Caring
   Two Summer Blessings!
   The New "Typical" Month for Love INC

LINC Winter 2009-2010

Inside this issue:
   Known As "Purple Rose"
   "It is With a Heavy Heart That I Let You Know..."
   Walking Alongside Erin in the Face of Death
   The Laundry is Done!
   God is in the Miracle Business
   We Have a God Who is Not Phased by Deficits!

LINC Summer 2010

Inside this issue:
   A "Transformed Trailer" ? Thanks to God's People
   At a Time of Need He Stepped Forward
   A Few Words to "Chew On"
   A Miracle Baby ? Upheld By Prayer and Care
   A Stepson Following in Dad's Footsteps
   She Wanted to Get Involved, but ...
   For She's a Jolly Good Fellow!

LINC Spring 2010

Inside this issue:
   When God Breaks Through...
   The Way it Should Be!
   Adeline Was Very Discouraged... Until!
   A House of Refuge
   An Evening to Remember
   10 Year Tracking of Requests and Results

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