Winter 2022 Newsletter

Love Inc Newsletter Above and Beyond

Love INC links people in need to volunteers from a network of area churches.Our mission is to transform lives and communities, In the Name of Christ.

Fall Newsletter 2022

fall linc newsletter

Love INC links people in need to volunteers from a network of area churches.
Our mission is to transform lives and communities, In the Name of Christ.

Summer 2022 Newsletter

Getting Outside of the Walls On a recent Sunday, Pastor Keith asked our Executive Director, Raymond Klein, to share the mission of Love INC at Northside Baptist Church. Love INC’s mission is to mobilize the local church to transform lives and communities In the Name of Christ. Part of Love INC’s focus is in “getting outside the walls”, which means going to where the people are- to let them see the love of Jesus through outreach. The people …

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Spring 2022 Newsletter

A New Season for Susan Susan began working as the Clearinghouse Coordinator for Love In the Name of Christ  in February of 2004. Susan worked for many  years in the Mental Health, Homeless and Substance abuse fields before coming to serve at Love INC.  She was instrumental in reviving the clearinghouse  when she took on this position in 2004. Susan has touched thousands of lives in the last 18 years. She  has built countless relationships with churches and people in …

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All Blessings Flow

All Blessings Flow, one of Love INC’s partner ministries, is a non profit ministry that exists to provide free medical equipment to people in need while spreading God’s blessings throughout the community. Annie Dodd is the Executive Director, and since 2015, over 9,000 people have been blessed with needed medical equipment. All people who receive items from ABF are also given a small purple bag with a bible and a gift-wrapped wooden cross. Whenever we receive medical supply …

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Meet another “gap” ministry- Loads of Love!

We are grateful for our many church partnerships and the “gap” ministries that help to serve our neighbors in need!  Loads of Love is one of our “gap” ministries- a partnership with Belmont Baptist Church and Love In the Name of Christ.  Loads of Love Ministry helps neighbors in our community by providing free laundry services, and the volunteers also seek to build relationships with their neighbors. While the neighbors are waiting for their laundry to finish washing …

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Meet one of our “gap” ministries- Immanuel’s Children’s Clothing Closet

The mission of Love In the Name of Christ is to mobilize the local church to transform lives and communities in the Name of Christ. We are grateful for the many churches that partner in ministry with Love INC- one of these is Immanuel Lutheran Church. Immanuel’s Children’s Clothing Closet is a “gap” ministry- a joint ministry of Love INC and Immanuel Lutheran Church. A “gap” ministry is a ministry that is developed to help meet the needs …

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Personal Care Items

Imagine struggling to afford basic needs such as shampoo, soap, and cleaning products.  At Love INC we receive calls every day from clients who are in need of these basic items for themselves and their families. Twice a month, the Personal Care Closet opens at Connect Church to serve our neighbors in need.  The Personal Care Closet is one of many “gap ministries” in Charlottesville/Albemarle, designed to meet the needs of our community.  Twice a month on Thursdays, …

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What does serving our neighbors look like today?

In a time when people have been isolated and concerned about safety, there are more people in need of help now more than ever! Love INC strives to make relational connections with those in need in our community and to connect them to the local Church. While many people in our community reach out to Love INC for material needs, helping to meet these needs is a way to build a loving relationship with others In the Name …

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Winter Newsletter 2021

The Gift of Giving Nancy, one of our clients, came to Love INC with a different kind of request. She needed help, yes, but it wasn’t for herself: it was for others. She wanted to purchase Thanksgiving dinners for a group of elderly disabled people living in her apartment complex. Almost none had any sort of transportation. Some were partially blind. Some had debilitating mental illnesses. Many had no family to assist them. On a regular basis, Nancy tries …

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