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But God Knew Every Detail

To keep the heater at full blast in the midst of summer certaintainly seemed illogical but more than that it made driving a very distasteful experience during those steamy days. And yet, it was the only way for Marie to keep the van that she owned on the road--knowing that transportation was a critical need.

As Marie contemplated her dilemma, she realized that the overheating problem was just getting worse--and, at the same time, the mileage on her vehicle was just creeping upward. Afraid that she would not be able to get back and forth to work, or take her youngest to his many medical appointments, Marie prayed, let her need be known to the LoveINC office and then left the problem in God's hands.

While Marie and the staff in the office were praying, two local Church members were concluding that the effort to sell their vehicle wasn't producing a buyer. They had tried for several months, but the few people who stopped by weren't really interested--and this despite the fact that the husband had taken very good care of this vehicle and wanted someone to get the benefit of his labor.

Hearing from a friend that LoveINC might be willing to take a donated car, the husband made a phone call. Little did he know tht Marie and the office staff had been praying for a car--and it had to be a special car to meet the needs of her family. But, God knew every detail of the situation and He worked to make sure that Marie and her children had adequate, yes, more than adequate, transportation.

What the Love INC staff found was a good, reliable vehicle that had adequate seating and air conditioning!! What a relief to know that the days of running the heater at full blast, summer or winter, were over!

After the title was transferred, Susan, the LoveINC clearinghouse coordinator, took Marie to the previous owner's home to pick up the car. The husband proudly showed Marie all the great features on the car, including the child safety locks and, of course, the air conditioner.

Then came the biggest surprise of all. When the wife came out to meet the woman who was getting the car, she realized that Marie was a former student of hers. This woman had always wondered how Marie had faired in life. Now she stood face to face with a beautiful woman who radiated the love and peace of Jesus Christ! What a wonderful reunion and rekindling of an old friendship!

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