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Volunteer Opportunities for November/December 2020


Opportunities for Christian Service
November/December 2020

    Love in the Name of Christ mobilizes churches to transform lives and communities. SAFETY FOR CLIENTS AND VOLUNTEERS. Love INC provides opportunities for volunteers to cultivate relationships with clients in need. Join the Love INC- Volunteer Ministry!  The web link is Call the Love INC staff at 434-977-7777 or email to inquire!        Feel free to share this email with other caring Christians!



Request #

Home Repair/Yardwork/Care

Many, many thanks to Robert who braved this house to do repairs.

You deserve a medal of honor


Rolling Road area. 2 acres grass mowing. Disabled elderly woman Too cold for snakes now

Rolling Road between Charlottesville and Scottsville


Many thanks to Robert for all the home repairs and for housecleaning at Mallside

You made new friends!


Elderly woman needs small bathroom painted. Matched

Belmont Area, Cville


Roof leak repair above a very old bathroom in this home, used to be a porch, roof is leaking, rotting the bathroom floor.  Need: two packs shingles, two sheets plywood, plywood for the floor and some sheetrock, persons to do the work.

Crozet, Three notched Rd. elderly, infirm. Could churches partner with a contractor for this?


Have extra fencing or a kennel? Elderly Keswick woman needs both. Install?

Cobham, Keswick


Both need electric lift recliners, must be delivered, disabled


#480. #1717

Yard work: Thank you to two of the Trinity Presbyterian gang of 9.

Charlottesville yard work


Other relational opportunities

Need payee for young person out of foster care.

Susan has social services contact

Thank you, Belinda! You’re the only person who ever inquired!


# 1560

Needed: Consistent phone calls (male) to a veteran each morning for a pep talk (witness opportunities!)

Charlottesville man suffering after effects of Covid.


Inexpensive “security camera” needed for apt with break-ins

Used camera is fine


House needs masonry patch and paint. She has paint

Central Cville



Send or bring to office:   198 Spotnap Rd suite C-1  Cville 22911.  Safest way to help

Furniture and Other Items Needed/ Moving Requests

NEEDED! Automobiles in good working order!  Donors get Blue Book Value tax receipt.

Donations take time due to DMV Covid restrictions.

Over 20 in need on our list!!

Still taking donations of furniture; items to go directly to a client family.  We take can only take appliances in perfect working condition, furniture (no pets)

Contact 434-977-7777,

Love INC: Bridging the gap between willing hands and people in need

Love INC of Charlottesville / Albemarle
198 Spotnap Road, Suite C-1
Charlottesville, VA 22911
Phone: 434-977-7777
Fax: 434-293-4499