Affirming Your Potential 

The second key element to transformational ministry is affirming the potential of each participant seeking to bring about change to their lives through offering a series of Love INC classes. These classes are proving to be life changing in other Love INCs around the country for those who invest the time to take the classes. All it takes is for a person to be willing to:

  • Commit to a life change
  • Be a part of a community of learners
  • Commit to 12 weeks of classes (including doing the homework)
  • Learn what the Bible teaches about change
  • Build a trusting relationship with a mentor

Interested “neighbors” will receive a letter of invitation. That is determined during the intake process of collecting the neighbors “story” to see what the issues and needs are in their lives.

Love INC, through local churches, seeks to transform the lives of neighbors in chronic need through caring, nurturing and empowering relationships and classes/training opportunities.

Through our “Transformational Ministry” program, Love INC organizes and equips church members to lead courses and/or walk alongside (mentor) people in need for a set time period in order to help them acquire one or more skills and move along on the path toward self-sufficiency.

These courses can be accompanied by material support and special access to Gap Ministry resources (vouchers). In addition, these courses have goal setting and some level of accountability incorporated into them

Love INC: Bridging the gap between willing hands and people in need

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